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   Accession Number: 667

Object: Lintel ShantivadiJataka

Material: Stone

Date / Period:58x492x40 cms.

Measurement: 42x43x32 cms.

Description: Lintel of a large doorway depicting kshantinvadiJatak (story of Buddha’s previous birth). The three pediments contain two niches each, one above other. In the panel at extreme ends exhibited Kubera figures. The remaining four panels depictsJataka, starting from the second panel on the proper left. This panel shows Bodhisattva mediating with five girlssorrounding him. The next two panel show these five girls engaged in musical performances. The last panel shows the torture of Bodhisattva. He is seated with rosary in his left hand while right is being cut off by a male figure - who is being restrained by two girls.