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   Accession Number: 355

Object: Capital of Ashokan pillar

Material: Stone

Date / Period: Mauryan, 3rd cent. B.C.E.

Measurement: 210x283 cms.

Description: Polished national emblem ‘The Lion capital’, which stands with its head high in aesthetic glory. Its magnificence, the unprecedented beauty, the excellence in the body of the four lions, seated back to back on a circular abacus.their mannerism and features of their face- all leave one astonished. The artisan’s high expertise, devotion and imagination become very apparent. The capital is 2.31 mtrs. in height. A Percipoliton bell or an inverted lotus is carved at the bottom of this capital. There is a round abacus above the inverted lotus base. A horse, a lion, a bull and an elephant are carved on the abacus. A wheel with twenty-four spokes is carved in between each pair of the animals. It is highly polished.